I'm writing again. I can't believe I am. It's been AGES. I'm actually quite happy about it. Really. I don't know what inspired it. Sure isn't the stuff I've been reading lately! But anyway, now that I'm back I need to stay on track or else I'll veer off again for another 2000 years. Been talking to people all morning today, ALL overseas. That's the nifty thing about having a phone line instead of pre-paid. Keeping in my mind that I have no money to pay the bill at the end of the month. I don't even have money to fill my tank! Yes indeed. Yesterday I stopped by a station and realised I didn't have any money. What little amount I had was sitting in my labcoat pocket hanging from the store room door at home. It was so embarassing. I looked around for an ATM and ofcourse there was none to be seen. Then the guy walks up and hands me keys, and I ask him, like, ány ATM machine around here? Cuz, uuuuh, I don't have any cash.' And he gives me this look of utmost disgust and almost calls the cops until he see my ATM card in my hand. Then of course it turns out that you can actually pay by card at the petrol station and not necessarily with cash. I didn't know that yo! How could I? I thought they only did that in movies.


  1. i think i might have an idea about the reason that made you start writing again...... well i have to say: that i like to think i have something to do with it even.... hi3 hi3 hi3


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