I hate mornings. I really do. If there's anyone out there who claims to be biggest morning-hater in the world, bring it on. I'm telling you, no one hates mornings more than me. Man, when that alarm goes off, its a whole different story. I hate it. HATE IT. I don't like mornings.
Today's morning shift was really quiet. It's been like that for the past few weeks, maybe because summer has started. Although its not like people around here can't wait for summer to arrive to pack their bags and rush off to Eurodisney or the Maldives or whatever, but anyway, summers are usually kind of quiet. I say kind of. Last summer we had just re-opened the ER and had started implementing our new deferring policy; if you had something that you thought was an emergency but we thought otherwise, we get to send you away. Sounds mean, doesn't it? It kind of is mean, but hey, you can't demand to be seen in a busy ER with a foot pain that you've had for the past 10 years and that isn't really bothering you right but you thought since you're visiting a friend who lives near by you might as well pass through the ER and get it checked out. It's an EMERGENCY room. Strictly for emergencies. So, no its not an emergency and no we won't see you right now and get an MRI of your foot or whatever. Go home.
Anyway, we thought that since the rush was dying down that meant that word had gotten around that the SQUH ER people weren't taking any nonsense from now on, and were really proud of bad-ass selves, but then as soon as summer was over the rush was just like usual and even worse. So it was a false hope. Oh well.


  1. I can't believe anyone wouldn't want to be a morning person... I was born to be a morning person and loooove it, nap doesn't work and the 5-7 night sleep is priceless :)


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