My Love

How do I describe it? You have been there every step of the way. You have been my only support when I was abandoned by all and loved by noone. You have been the answer to my prayers and the balm on my wounds. You havetaken me by the hand and guided me through the darkness of despair and over thethorny grounds of life. You gave me everything, and asked for nothing inreturn. Whenever I was lost, depressed, lonely, whichever way I turned I sawYou, always and everywhere. Everything you promised me came true. I wasthankless, hateful, dissatisfied and impatient, and still You took me backevery time I dragged myself, broken and defeated, to You. You covered all mysins and imperfections and presented me in the best possible form. You gave mefamily, security, health and a good life. And still I fail, time and timeagain, to thank You as should be. If I should spend my whole life trying toreturn a fraction of what You gave me, or 100 lives, I wouldn’t come close. You don’t need me, I am nothing to you, and yet you treat me like I’m the only onewho matters. If I should spend my whole life, or 100 lives, worthless as theymay be, trying to describe all that You have been to me, all that you havegiven me, all that you have made me, I wouldn’t come close. You are the Only One who matters, the Only One who has and always will be on my side. You arethe Only One who’s forgiveness I crave and who’s mercy I need and who’s recognitionI beg for. I have no one but You to turn to, for I know that You will always bethere for me.
I love You, forever and always, and wish that on that Day, You will love me too, and take me where You are, and let me see You if only fora second. For then I will know for sure that I have made it to the one placethat matters. That I have finally won the battle, and that my long, longjourney has come to an end. That I am Home. With You, my Love.