School: still not cool.

Today I went to the faculty of medicine at Khartoum University to meet a couple of people. I ended up waiting for about 45 minutes, during which I sat under a tree observing my surroundings, remembering my own college days (not so very long ago *cough*) and comparing. The overall look of things was shabby, and people in general were not as fine looking as before. I noticed a number of behavioural patterns during my stay:

1.       The female population is still divided into divas, nerds and ansar sunna

2.       If the fashion police were around, 9 out of every 10 people would be arrested

3.       Cats are still more at home at universities (and other governmental facilities) than people. I even saw a tiny little kitten with tiny blue eyes running around under the benches and around the garbage cans being trained iby her mother n the art of alsha7da

4.       Roughly 98% of the male population look under the age of 15. The remaining 2% actually have facial hair.

5.       Speech therapy is something that needs to be taught in all university curriculums. Girls still think that talking in that stupid mot7ankisha way is attractive and guys still use that fake sa3udi accent. Not attractive, people!

6.       People must have built a superb immunity against microbes unknown to the rest of the world just from the food they eat. We had a chicken sandwich in a paratha instead of bread, and the fries were picked out from a jerry can. Yes, a jerry can. An old one. Like the one they use to store sesame seed oil in and as a dalooka. At least they had the sensitivity to use a pair of tongs.

7.       Mafi girid ma shayil iPhone wala Samsung Galaxy something or another. Including those people that look like they can’t even afford their next meal.

8.       Sania is still around. And still single! But dang that woman is a looker!

I will take this opportunity to state that I hated my university days and am happy they’re over. Bala wenjala!


  1. That's harsh. Some people will complain in a fake Saudi accent: Wishbik int wish tgol.


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