Sitting at a restaurant waiting for my friends who are never, NEVER on time (or even fashionably late, just really late) and writing down random thoughts that have been floating around in my head.
1.       I always feel like I need to apologize to everyone walking or standing in the sun while I cruise past them in my comfortable, air-conditioned car. I think I felt more comfortable when I had to take the bus because then I was on the sidewalk with everyone else.
2.       A golf course built overlooking something that resembles a shanty town, a neighbourhood of people who have no idea what golf even is. I wonder what they think of it, those dusty, raggedy children walking back from school alongside its back wire fence. To they even see it at all?
3.       It’s not nagging or complaining. It’s just that sometimes your head feels so heavy from all the thoughts, calculations and drama that you just need to lay it down on someone’s shoulder to help carry the weight.
4.       Dusty shoes from all the walking and pants that are a little too short. How much do you make at the end of the month? Do you wish all the time that you had just a little bit more? Do you wonder how it would feel to be able to buy everything you want, even if you don’t really need it? To drive one of those shiny new cars and park it in front of a big and comfortable house? To not have to answer those questioning looks from those who depend on you for their living?
5.       Everything is written and is meant to happen because He decided it will be so, so we can’t complain about it. And it was probably a blessing that it happened to someone who has always shown such good nature and bravery, and still does despite what has happened. A combination of ill-luck and fate, without which she would probably have turned out a well-off, satisfied and happy woman, her children around and her a husband by her side. Instead, she always has and always will be struggling against the tide, walking into an unknown future, alone.
6.       Walking back from the Haram through a dark and incredibly noisy tunnel with large suction pipes overhead and every single vehicle honking its horn, making a deafening noise that threatens to punctures one’s eardrums or split his head in 2. The path can only handle one person at a time, so we walk in single file, stepping over trash and dirty water and trying to block out just a small part of the noise before it drives us crazy. A long, long time later we reach the end of it, and step out into the open air, a cool breeze, and finally, silence. As they step out from the darkness and noise into the quiet light of day, they breathe a sigh of relief and look at each other. Then, the elderly man affectionately puts his arm around his elderly wife, and they continue on their way together.


  1. Reem,

    You're awesome! Keep doodling!


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