2012: Going, Going, Gone!

Although we still have a couple of weeks to go, 2012 has been probably the most interesting year so far. A year of discovery, of endurance, and of baby-steps towards modest accomplishments. 2009 and 2010 were quite interesting as well (first paid job, lots of travelling, and the most important experience of my life: Hajj), 2011 downright sucked, but 2012 just about tops them all:

Moving to Sudan has been the highlight of the year, or actually of the century. Living in the working world of Sudan is so different from being a student or on holiday, and has exposed me to so many things I had been missing. It showed me that I’m not as tough as I thought, not as smart as I thought, and not as strong as I thought. But it also showed me I am different, brave, and of more worth than anything anyone can place on me.

        Saying goodbye to my old, comfortable, familiar environment, friends, and life, and tentatively walking out into the unknown future.

Stepping down from the high-pace, crazy, hectic life of an ER physician, to the almost sedentary, predictable life of an employee for the government, has given me a completely different perspective on life and how to live it. Maybe it's the abundance of foul for breakfast, or leaving the office in the middle of the day to go and buy facial creams and tea sets.

Battling depression and finding the cure in the most unexpected place: home

Making new friends and reuniting with old: something so terribly underrated I can’t even begin to explain.

Taking a peek into the future: where will I be 30 years from now? And more importantly: what will I have accomplished? What will I be remembered for? Something good? Something bad? Nothing at all? 

Living with family: exhausting, infuriating, nerve-wrecking, fun, unpredictable, therapeutic, crazy, irreplaceable:  


Discovering new passions and old talents:

Realising just how much some people mean to me, and not a moment too soon:

-        Being part of an almost-revolution: even with just my blog, posts, and managing to catch up with just one demonstration and getting gassed before the words came out of my mouth. An almost-revolution, hopefully on its way to becoming a total-revolution.

And yes, at the end of it all, still the ultimate byrex, and still rocking it ;)



  1. Awww... There I am <3
    Only took me a year and a half to find. May 2014 be the year of rebirth for us all.


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